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Discover how to remove a judgement from your report

This is a very common question that we get, how do I clear any judgments on my credit score? There is thousands of South African who are not informed on how to get rid of any judgements on their credit reports. In this article will I explain the two steps which you can take to obtain and maintain a healthy credit report.
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What You Should Know About Credit Reports

credit report south africa

You should see your credit report as your school report in school at the end of each year. Your credit report is an evaluation of your financial behaviours. This report is there for financial institutions to determent whether you can be granted credit from them. Financial institutions will use your credit score to see how much credit they ca give you. In this article I will give some useful information regarding your credit report.
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Why It Is Important To Know The Status Of Your Credit Rating

Have you ever wondered why one should have a good credit rating? Your credit rating is a standard evaluation of your credit health, and it is something that will be taken in consideration from the first day that you apply for a credit card, home loan, store account etc. It is of utmost importance to work on your credit rating from the first day you start to work. In this article I will briefly describe why one should be aware of his or her credit rating and worthiness.
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Credit Bureau Check – Why Get It?

credit report in south africa

In this world of credits and loans to buy the comfort that makes life easy and good to live a good credit situation is very necessary for everyone. As a result, therefore, one should do a credit bureau check often. This is also necessary due to the fact that financial activities are not a static entity and change every day as our demands are satisfied. As a result of this constantly changing situation, being updated and accessing information from different sources may be very useful to obtain as other records are being added to your credit report. There is no way you can keep a good handle on your credit report without doing credit bureau check often.
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What Affects Your Credit Score?

what affects your credit score

The factors that influence your credit score can be seen as falling into five basic categories. First of all the credit score reflects your payment history. How you pay your bills, the amount of your debt that is paid on time, the part that is past due, and the part that the creditor has written off as an uncollectable debt. Also included in your payment history is how long you have had the accounts you hold and how many are current compared to those that are closed.
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A Few Reasons Why To Go For A Credit Check

Are you sometimes uncertain why your application for a loan or account has been declined? Are you unsure to whom you still owe money to? We’ll in this article I will give a few reasons to undergo a credit check. A credit check will give you detailed information on your credit history and status. A credit check can be very helpful for when you are interested in buying a new car, home, clothing accounts etc. Be sure to be ready for when you go for an application by getting a credit check.
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Why you will Always get a Free Credit Check Online

You will always be able to get a free credit check online, so you should never pay for one of them. You will be able to qualify to get a free report from the major reporting agencies annually and you should do so. Many people schedule to get them at times they will remember such as their birthday, their anniversary, tax day, or the New Year. You really do need to always know what is on your credit report though so if you need one and it hasn’t been a year you can do so.
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Why you Should do a Credit Bureau Check often

You should do a credit bureau check often to make sure you can get results when you need them regarding credit. The last thing you want is to make plans to buy a car or a home or other type of purchase and then get denied credit. If you do get approved, you want it to be very with very good terms. High interest rates even on your credit cards can continue to eat away at your disposable income month after month. Many people never should have been denied credit though or paid such high interest.
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Why it’s Imperative to do a Credit Check Every now and Again

credit check

There can be plenty of mistakes on your credit report, and that is why you need to keep an eye on it. At least once a year you should be going through everything with a fine toothed comb to see what is on there. If you find any problems with amounts of debt, payments, or even accounts that don’t belong to you then you should follow the procedure for getting them corrected.
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What Influences your Credit Score?

There are quite a few things that influence your credit score, and it is important to know about them. How long you have had credit is a factor. If you have an older credit card that you don’t use, don’t be tempted to cancel it. If you do, and it is a very old account, then your credit score may drop. By keeping those older accounts you establish some longevity. If you are young or new to getting credit, then it will just take time to build up those accounts and you have to be patient.
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