Credit Check Consent

By using this website and by completing any forms on this website, you authorise and permit to perform a background check and to obtain information about you from credit reporting sources such as Experian.

What will your information be used for?

The credit score details will be used to check if you qualify for any of the products that will be mentioned on this website. We will also share this information with certain third party merchants that request this information in order to provide you with services mentioned on this site.

Will my details be sold?

Your details will not be sold to anyone. We will simply use your details to do a pre-qualification check for services mentioned on this site.

Will my information be safe?

Yes, this information will be safe and we will not sell this to anyone.

Can I get access to this credit score?

Yes, you can get access to your credit score by contacting us at

Where do you get my information from?

We use Experian to perform the credit check.

What if I don’t want you to perform a credit check on me?

If you do not want a credit check to be performed on you then please do not engage with this website any further.