Nothing is more disappointing and embarrassing than being declined finance. This is especially true if you believe your credit history to be in good standing.

If you believe the information is incorrect you can log a dispute with TransUnion to try and get the issue solved as quickly as possible. Inaccurate credit information lowers your credit score and in some cases could indicate fraudulent activity. There are no fees involved when you log a dispute.

Ways of logging your dispute

There are three different ways of logging your dispute with TransUnion:

Going Online – you can log your dispute with TransUnion by following dispute submission process online at

By phone – By using the TransUnion toll-free number you will have access to customer service representatives from Monday through Friday. Before making the call, please remember to have a copy of your TransUnion credit report handy.

By mail – if you prefer, you can mail your disputes to the mail address provided by TransUnion.

Identify the incorrect information

Start by getting your free copy of your credit report from TransUnion, go over the information on the report and if you see something on there that is incorrect, make notes for the dispute.

Start the dispute

If you are going to initiate the dispute online, go to the TransUnion online dispute page. Click on the button to start the dispute. At this point, if you don’t have a user account for TransUnion, you will first need to register before proceeding. You will have to provide all the relevant information required. i.e physical address and ID number ETC. The information you provide to TransUnion will be safe and secure.

Before you can proceed to the dispute section you will have to agree to the TransUnion basic terms and conditions. Thereafter once your account has been set up you can proceed with your dispute request.

Once inside the dispute portal, you will have access to all your personal information and every account attached to your name. if you find any information or account that is incorrect you can click on the request an investigation button.

Within the investigation page, TransUnion will display various reasons you can use to dispute the inaccurate information. These are broken down into the most common reasons a person might dispute the account information.

Document submission

Once you have selected the reason for your dispute you are given the option to explain your dispute. Keep the description short and to the point. Here you are also given the opportunity to upload any relevant documents to support your dispute. Submit your dispute. Thereafter you will get a confirmation that the dispute has been logged.

Wait for the follow-up

After you have logged your dispute with TransUnion, there will be a waiting period of up to 30 days whilst they are investigating your case. Once the investigation is complete TransUnion will inform you of the results via email.

Once you have received your results, these can be accessed online using the TransUnion web page.

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