You will always be able to get a free credit check online, so you should never pay for one of them. You will be able to qualify to get a free report from the major reporting agencies annually and you should do so. Many people schedule to get them at times they will remember such as their birthday, their anniversary, tax day, or the New Year. You really do need to always know what is on your credit report though so if you need one and it hasn’t been a year you can do so.

When that occurs, you may be tempted to pay for a copy but you don’t have to. If you have recently been denied credit, then the law says you can get a free copy of your credit report to review that information. In such a regard, it won’t matter if it has been less than a year since you got one or not.

Many sites that offer financial planning, help with identity fraud, and more also offer you a way to get your credit report free through them online. They help you to get such information and then offer you a free consultation regarding what they may be able to do for you. They want to entice you with their information to get you to take action. They know this offer will also often involve them being able to get your business and that earns them money.

Consumers have the right to see what is being reported about them, and that is why you will have no trouble getting your hands on a free report online. The agencies aren’t going to be pressing you to pay them for such information when you need to be able to look at it. Plus, it is a low cost process for them to be able to see that information online. They don’t have to pay for postage or anything like that as they would have to online.

If you feel that your needs aren’t being met, call and talk to a representative. Let them know what the reason is that you may need a free credit report. Chances are they will be more than willing to do all they can to get you online access to it. You can’t assume they won’t help you though as that is the wrong attitude to have about it. Give them the opportunity to display outstanding customer service. It will pay off in the end and only take you a few minutes of effort to get those results.

The overall awareness that you have about your credit report is very important. Don’t underestimate the problems out there with fraud or errors that can be creating damages for you and your credit score. You don’t want to get stuck with a high rate of interest or with the need for collateral and co-signers on loans due to such problems that you never took the time to find.

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